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 Style - Comfort - Function - Personalization - Wellness - Playful

These are the focal pillars of a Bungalow and Co. Home. Whether we're designing your dream space together, creating a vacation experience for you and your fave people, or partnering on an investment together, you can be sure that both the aesthetics, as well as the feelings and emotions they elicit, have been equally considered when coming up with our design plan.

It's not all "woowoo", I assure you. Of course, it's easy to chose items for a room that you like, but had you considered how they will impact the flow of the room? How people will actually feel when they sit on that new chair? Is the lighting conducive to all the variations of use this room may see? Does your space have a signature scent? Or a playlist with ambiant sounds for nightly dinner? Sure, we may sneak a crystal or two in the home, but it's more about how we design your space to please all 5 human senses, in addition to the optimal functionality of the room, that will truly foster wellness in your home.

Additionally, Bungalow and Co. believes that a space should have a personality. I mean, this SHOULD be a fun process, so let us take the stress off your plate, and add some charm and character to your dream space in addition to making it function and feel good. Whatever the things are that bring you joy, we will find a way to incorporate those into your home. The idea is to end up with a space that makes you feel happiness and joy at the end of the process. I promise, it can be done.

After spending nearly 20 years working in the luxury fashion industry, and the latter 10 on the tech side of things, helping small businesses grow their e-commerce channels globally, founder Jeanette is no stranger to many different aesthetics. Both she and husband Justin spent a lot of time traveling for their careers. Justin, having worked as a medical professional for the NFL, as well as top colleges prior to pivoting over to the sales side of the industry, knew a thing or two about being on the road. Like many young professionals that travel often, the comforts of home became a much more important factor when booking vacation travel. When you spend that much time in hotels for work, you come to see the value in having your own private pool, spa, kitchen and garage (not to mention multiple bathrooms!) while away from home.

With all this in mind, we created our first Bungalow & Co. Vacation Rental, Bungalow Palm. We invite you to relax, enjoy, and maybe even take a little inspiration for your home back with you. If you would like to purchase the exact items we have featured in our homes, you can find them for purchase here in our store.

If you would like to work with us to design your space, you can book an intro call here.

Thank you for joining fun and being part of the Bungalow & Co. community!